Saturday, February 20, 2010

Book Cover

I completed this piece for my illustration class, whatcha think ? I need some opinions.


Sarah Alfarhan said...

hey Corrin ! I really like the colors .. and the patterns !

I think it would have helped it you indicated where the text would go for the book cover. An illustration composition is greatly effected if it's going to be accompanied by text.

What is the book about ? & what is your concept ?

Mark Eberhardt said...

Hey Corrin. I really like all of the colors and patterns.

I think you could lose some of the intensity to make the figures stand out a little more. The intensity of the blue in the top left especially could be dropped a little I think.

I see what you're doing with the silhouette of the hair and the body - light next to dark, dark next to light, and I think that's good, but that didn't carry over into the man's hair, which is dark on dark. You could also darken the value of the light brown strip going behind the man to make his light jacket stand out more.

I dig it!

Corrin said...

thank you guys !!!!! i checked this just now cause ima loser but i really really really appreciate the feed back !

Stella K. said...

This group is so cool!
Wish there was one like it for film-people :-/
Love all the stuff here,anyway.

Paper Heart Girl said...

This is so cool! I like it! xxxxxx